Former Haworth Building Turning Into Business Park

Posted on January 23, 2014, by icon

CALGARY- The new owner of the former Haworth building, once Calgary’s largest manufacturing plant, is planning to transform the property into a business park in the city’s southeast Foothills industrial area.

Vancouver developer, Hungerford Properties, bought the 761,000-square-foot facility on more than 18 hectares of land last summer and it will unveil its plans in early February to redevelop and redesign the building and transform the site into the ICON Business Park.

“This is considered one of the choicest commercial real estate properties in the city,” said partner, Michael Hungerford, in a statement. “But it’s been a dormant shell for many years. We’re bringing back the trucks. We’re bringing back the people. We’re bringing business back.”


Haworth building set for major revamp

Posted on January 20, 2014, by icon

CALGARY- A Vancouver developer has his sights set on transforming an empty Calgary warehouse into a new business centre.

The former Haworth building is the largest manufacturing site in western Canada, at a sprawling 750,000 square feet. However, it has sat empty near the Foothills Industrial Park for the last four years.

Now, Hungerford Properties is putting the final touches on a multi-million dollar plan to refurbish the site that’s now called Icon Business Park.

“It’s an iconic building in the city, it has a strong history and a proud history,” says Michael Hungerford. “It was developed about 14 years ago, and in its day it was state of the art, one of the best buildings of its kind in North America.

“It’s more than just a building, it’s a campus. It has amenities, it really is a fantastic class A building.”

Logistics and manufacturing will make up the majority of the new centre, and an open house will be held in February to show off the plans.

The project should be completed by summer.
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